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Jose Ortiz (El Buen Samaritano)

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Jose Ortez is known as El Buen Samaritino – The Good Samaritan – to all who follow him. He claims to be a professor of astrology and also of the occult. Although he came from rather humble beginnings, the son of a tobacco farmer, he has risen to become something of a celebrity. He was the fifth of eight children and even from an early age seemed to have an affinity with the flora and fauna that surrounded him. He was what could be described as a sensitive child and possessed an insight into matters that should have been beyond his knowledge. He claims to draw the energy that he needs from nature and finds that meditating close to the sea can have an incredible effect and facilitate clear communication with the divine energy, something that he recommends all to try and achieve.

His Career

It was the events that he experienced in his childhood that sparked his interest in the world of the occult and also in the science of astronomy. His occult knowledge saw him being interviewed on radio shows, on the back of the success of which he was offered his own paranormal radio show to host. The horoscopes that he provided and the predictions that he gave attracted much attention due to their uncanny accuracy, which brought him national attention. He would offer political predictions as well as warning of natural disasters. He would claim to know what was going to happen in the celebrity world and seemed to be right far more often than he was wrong.

Ortiz famously predicted the attack on New York’s Twin Towers, and the incidents involving the other planes on that fateful September day. He predicted the devastating effect that hurricane Katrina would have on the country too. His consistently accurate predictions have seen him listed as being one of the top ten psychics in the world today. The Good Samaritan has been hosting his own television show since 1989 where members of the public can contact him for help and guidance, whatever difficulties they may be facing.

His Passion

The greatest passion of Jose Ortiz is that of being able to use his gift in order to aid in the welfare of others. It is his aim to be able to reach out to everyone that he can who is in need of spiritual guidance. He does a lot of work with young people, aiming to show them the right path to travel throughout their lives so that they blossom into strong, faithful adults. He has even been known to offer advice to couples on the brink of divorce. He believes that everyone has the ability to find inner peace, all they need to do is unlock the door within them and step on through towards enlightenment. To his followers he is a teacher, a brother, an astrologer and ultimately the Good Samaritan offering help to those when they need it the most, delivering hope and spiritual peace when all seems lost.

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