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John Healey is not your average psychic medium, not that there really is an average in the metaphysical world. The way John Healey works is unlike that of any other psychic, physical, trance or spiritual medium that you will encounter. There is no set structure to a reading with John and quite literally anything can happen, but you can bet that what does happen is something that opens your eyes to something you had been searching for.

There are not many working mediums, sensitives or intuitives around today that can say that they received their training from the military. Yet John Healey received his training from Major Paul H. Smith who holds the distinction of being one of the original remote viewers trained by the US Military. John was the winner of a competition held by a national newspaper, a competition involving a psychic challenge set by Uri Geller, he then went on to train with a number of successful and respected people in the metaphysical field.

Finding the Way Forward

Whilst John does not work in the exact same style as Major Smith he has taken the training that he received and adapted it to create a method of reading that he describes as ‘tracking’. Rather than following something physical such as a trail through the woods, he instead tracks back through the life of his clients to see how the past has led to the present and how the present could dictate the future. Like any good medium or intuitive John will not tell his clients what they should do, he will simply allow all of the events and circumstances to be brought to light, out into the open so the client can see for themselves what has brought them to this particular point in their lives. Seeing everything laid out so clearly enables his clients to find their own solution to whatever situation it is that they are concerned about. John acts like a window opening onto the past until the present is reflected in the glass, leaving the future only a thought away.

About John

John is a presenter for Psychic TV and also teaches meditation to those looking to find not only peace but connect with spirit through meditation. He also still performs as a platform medium in a number of spiritualist churches. He performs readings that can resolve problems in loving and emotionally bound relationships. The information received in these readings is accessed during deep meditation and offers insights into the domain of courtly love. Although the information given could be viewed as therapy or counselling it is neither and goes much deeper than any current form of therapy. John has also been working with astrology using the infinity symbol, which he uses to bring his ‘Future You’ readings to his clients. The experience a reading with John Healey provides offers a different kind of insight, a deeper level of understanding than many other psychic mediums can offer. It is a unique skill that sets him apart from other light workers.

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