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Working professionally as a psychic medium, lecturer and author John Edward came to the psychic stage and offered a seemingly fresh attitude towards the world of psychic phenomenon and communication with spirit.  His inherent ability to predict future outcomes has helped thousands of people around the world.  John sees clients from all walks of life, young and old, such is his popularity that the waiting period for a private setting is almost two years.

A Worldwide Audience

Despite the number of people that seek his audience, John is unwilling to sacrifice the quality of his work in order to accommodate the masses.  His televised talk shows are broadcast to international audiences, John Edward Cross Country and Crossing Over with John Edward have made him a household name in many countries, and the shows have developed a wide following.

It is the down to earth, practical and often humorous approach to his work that makes him so appealing to his audience.  His international and domestic book sales total over two and a half million and include titles like; Practical Praying, After Life – Answers from the Other Side, Crossing Over – The Stories Behind the Stories, along with the most recent book release; Infinite Quest.

Tours and Appearances

The UK and Australia have both welcomed John as a professional psychic and crowds have flocked to attend dates on his tours, hoping that he would deliver a personal message to them from loved ones on the other side.  With guest appearances on big name talk shows like Oprah and Larry King as well as regular guest appearances on radio shows across America, John Edward has staked his claim to being one of the most widely recognised and respected psychic mediums in America.

Regular appearances on television on chat shows, talk shows and even a cameo appearance on Will and Grace ensure that he remains in the public eye.  Named as one of People Magazines ‘Most Intriguing People of the Year’, John Edward has something that draws people towards him wherever he goes.

Family Support

As a child on Long Island, John showed signs of his unique talent at an early age.  The fact that he could recount tales from family history that had taken place long before he was born, illustrated the fact that he was ‘special’ in some way.  With an accepting family John was encouraged to use his talents and over the years they flourished.  It was the result of a meeting with famous psychic Lydia Clar that set him about further developing his skills on his own.

In this meeting he had been told the reason he had these talents was so that he could educate people about both his gifts and the spirit world.  John then made it his mission to develop his abilities so that he could bring comfort to those in need, and give hope to those who had lost their own by communicating with their loved ones on the other side and bring forth their messages of love.

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