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Joanna was born in Scotland to what she believes were the most loving and supporting parents that any child could want. Whatever she has done in life, they have been behind her supporting her choices. She believes that if it wasn’t for their unwavering support she would not be in the position of being able to help others today, and for that she will always be grateful. It wasn’t until her teenage years that she started asking questions of the things that she saw around her; in particular it was the world of relationships that drew her attention. She wanted to know why people behave the way that they do. She was interested to understand how a person’s life could fall into a seemingly repetitive pattern such as with bad relationship choices that get made over and over again. She wanted to know why people couldn’t see for themselves what they were doing and change it. This, for a seventeen year old is pretty insightful.

Answering the Questions

With all of these questions in her head it is easy to see why psychology was an obvious choice for Joanna to study. She uses what she has learned through her study, along with her skills in numerology, astrology and tarot reading to help to answer those questions. The clients that seek her out are generally looking for answers to those same questions: why do they keep making bad relationship choices? Why do they keep running into career obstacles? At least now, Hazel has the right tools at her disposal to be able to look at the situation and answer those questions. Even those people who are naturally sceptical about the psychic world will admit to reaching times in their lives when they wish they could find the answers and Hazel has no problem in helping these people when they come to her. Who her clients are and what they happen to believe in are of no consequence, all that matters is that they come looking for the answers that they need which Hazel can help them to find so that they can move their lives forward after being stuck in a repeating pattern for so long.

In the Media

In 2008 Hazel was approached by the Psychic and Soul satellite TV channel, which quite coincidentally had their studios literally just around the corner from where she was living. She sees this as a little example of the synchronicity of how the universe works sometimes in delivering its blessings. This started her television career. This career path brought her into contact with a number of other people working in the same field which encouraged her to broaden her psychic skill set. She went on to work on an astrology website while also appearing on a number of European television shows including taking on the role of a psychic trainer, a role which lead to the development of ‘The Psychic Development Manual’. She is still working in television for ‘Psychic Today’ out of studios based in London.

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