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Jennifer Wallens feels that she is honoured to do the work that she does, reconnecting her clients with their loved ones on the other side of the veil. She says that is it almost like being at a family reunion where she has the opportunity to bring loved ones back together again. She feels like it is a blessing to be able to feel the love that passes from one side to the other during a reading and to provide her clients with some comfort in the words that she is able to pass on. She believes that her work shows that love is eternal and that there is still something to look forward to even in death.

Jennifer is very thankful to have been given these wonderful gifts and hopes that she can encourage others to nurture and develop their own gifts so that they too can not only enrich their own lives, but also heal the emotional wounds and scars that we tend to carry around. Aside from being a spiritualist psychic medium, Jennifer is also an accomplished spirit artist, possesses the ability to communicate with animals, is gifted with medical intuition and is also a paranormal investigator.

About Jennifer

Like many people that work in the metaphysical field, Jennifer knew that she had special gifts when she was very young. She developed clairsentient, clairaudient and clairvoyant skills and became adept at sensing the nearness of spirit. She has always felt that she has a strong connection to nature and the natural world which she believes is the basis for her ability to communicate with animals. She in no way takes her skills for granted and is continually learning and developing in order to provide a greater level of service to her clients. During readings she works in close harmony with her spirit guides to bring through messages from loved ones in order to provide proof that there is an after death existence that reunites families once more. She also works as a spiritual healer and energy therapist and can offer much more than a simple reading. She has the ability to read auras, assess your health and life situation and offer advice on relationships, finances and more.

Jennifer’s Background

Jennifer has been working as a psychic medium and also as a spiritual teacher for more than twenty years. But she is also well grounded in the scientific world too, having more than twenty five years of experience working as a biologist and environmental scientist. She received her psychic training in the spiritualist tradition and is proud that the training that she had has taught her the importance of honesty in all of the spiritual work that she does. She is a member of the Spiritualists National Union (SNU) as well as the SNUI-International, and is widely regarded as being one of the most caring people in her field. He work has led her to travel extensively, both to Russia and the Ukraine where she took park in a television series, and to the UK and Australia as well as a nationwide tour of the United States.

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