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James Van Praagh is the youngest of four children born into a devout catholic family from Bayside, New York.  James served in his local church as an altar boy until at age 14 he entered the seminary.  Though throughout the majority of his childhood he remembers having a fascination with all things death related it was during his time at the seminary that his religious views changed and he experienced his spiritual awakening.  Away from the seminary and in public high school he continued in his academic studies and later graduated with a degree in Broadcasting and Communications from San Francisco State University.

Natural Talent

James delivers his messages from spirits as though he was deep in conversation with an old friend, so easy going and laid back is his style of mediumship, it can’t help but put you at ease.  He has described himself as a ‘survival evidence’ medium which means that the messages that he communicates provide such a level of information that the information cannot have come from anywhere other than the deceased, therefore evidencing that there is a form of life after death after all.  James communicates with spirits via clairsentience and clairvoyance which means that he feels and senses the emotions of those in spirit as well as being able to see images in his mind’s eye.  He can also relay the personality and character of a spirit as well as details about their death as evidence in his readings.

In the Media

James van Praagh first gained popularity by appearing on ‘The Other Side’ a talk show on NBC which focussed on paranormal issues, he soon became known as their resident expert on paranormal matters and a favourite with the viewing public.  Over the years he has appeared on shows with Oprah, Dr Phil and Larry King as well as other successful television projects.  James van Praagh is also a bestselling author and conducts teaching programs, meditation programs and seminars to capacity audiences wherever he goes.

A Health Dose of Scepticism

As with many other well known psychics there are those who are sceptical about his abilities, but this is something welcomed by James, after all it makes it all the more necessary to deliver that certain message that opens the mind of a non believer.  He also believes that all mediums are psychics but to class all psychics as mediums is incorrect, explaining that whilst a psychic can sense spiritual energy a medium can interact with it and work across the different vibrations.  James does make a point of stating that he does not predict the future or even receive insights as to what could be to come, his work offers proof that the spirit survives the transition of the death of the physical body, showing that there is more to life than just our physical existence.  He claims that the love we feel for one another is the binding force that allows communication across the realms to take place.

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