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Jackie has been working closely with her spiritual connections for more than twenty years. She believes that it is through her connection with the spirit world that she has had so many incredible life experiences, and is thankful for the direction that her guides have given her over the years. Jackie has four spirit guides with whom she works very closely, especially in her work as a rescue medium, helping spirits cross into the light. Two of her guides work with her to produce the wonderful psychic art that she has also become known for, which she often incorporates into her television show.

Naturally Gifted

Looking back on her childhood Jackie appreciates now that the experiences that she had were not the same as other children her age. For her talking to spirit was a normal part of life, something that she did without thinking about it, not appreciating that not everyone else could see the things that she was seeing. As happens with many mediums her gift left her for a while as she journeyed through the teenage years. Until that is, she rekindled a love of the paranormal and started looking into the different methods used to communicate with the spirit world such as tarot cards. An accident involving close family made her focus of the meanings of life and death and started her off on a quest for more spiritual knowledge. She started to develop her skills in a medium-ship circle and then with one to one guidance from an experienced medium. With both of her grandmothers having psychic abilities there is little wonder that the gift was passed on.

Communicating with Spirit

As with many people in her line of work, the way that Jackie communicates with spirit can vary depending upon the circumstances that she is in. In some instances there is a very real, almost tangible presence, but more commonly it is more of a thought process with symbols, images and words being placed directly into her mind. It can be as though a scene is played out inside your head from which you have to interpret the relevant information. Occasionally spirit will be accompanied by a strong smell which may often link to something memorable from that person’s lifetime, something that a client for example would recognise and be able to take as proof.

In the Media

Jackie has appeared on television shows all over the world, from daytime chat shows to specialist paranormal interest programs. She regularly provides radio interviews to both national and international radio stations and has been featured in newspapers from local to international level. She currently writes for ‘Silent Voices’ magazine which is published quarterly. Jackie is also the co-author on a local history book about Marbury Hall in Cheshire entitled ‘A House with Spirit’. She is also a co-owner of the Feathers Academy of Clairvoyants & Holistic Therapies, based in Northwich in Cheshire. She can regularly be seen on Canadian television in Rescue Mediums on which she is a co-host.

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