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Often referred to as the scientific psychic, Ingo Swann is not a psychic that gives demonstrations of his gift, he instead works in controlled laboratory settings, allowing his gifts to be studied and analysed.  Swann has taken part in thousands of different trials and experiments focussing on parapsychology and the paranormal activity.  He is an acclaimed author, an accomplished artist and widely considered to be the father of what we call remote viewing.

A Lifelong Passion

Born in 1933 Ingo Swann exhibited varying degrees of psychic potential as a child and it was during his twenties and thirties when he expressed an active interest in the occult and aspects of parapsychological research.  He began to take part in programs aimed at development of the mind and programs aimed at developing and enhancing ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) abilities.  He is perhaps most famous for his links with the phenomenon of remote viewing.  Tied to research with the Stamford Research Institute and the CIA, it is Swann that is credited with setting in place the protocols for engaging in remote viewing.

Remote Viewing

Remote viewing involves the ‘viewer’ being provided with a target, this could be a person, a place or a building or even an event.  The target would be placed in a sealed envelope.  This envelope was given to a group of people/volunteers that would go out to wherever the target was and try and achieve a psychic link with Swann, the viewer back at the centre, and he would then write and draw down the impressions that he received from the people in the field.

The drawings he made were incredibly accurate and on occasion he would be aware of the remote viewing target before the group were.  No matter what was tried or how many tests he was given he always came through with flying colours.  Objects would also be placed in sealed containers and hidden in rooms, Swann managed to locate the objects and describe what they were without entering the room or opening the box.

Sceptics and Non Believers

To prove that there is no physical boundary to what the universal mind can perceive Ingo Swann remotely viewed the area to which the Voyager space probe was to be sent.  It was being sent on a long mission to Jupiter.  Swann made observations that the planet had similarities to Saturn in the fact that it too was surrounded by a set of rings.  Swann was publicly ridiculed as no evidence for these so called planetary rings had been viewed through any telescope.  Yet when the images were retrieved when Voyager returned to Earth the rings were clearly visible.

Swann had proved again that the power of the Universal mind could indeed see what had been hidden.  Swann does not imply that he is the only one on the planet with this skill; he is a firm believer that all of us are born with some kind of psychic ability, whether these abilities are activated depends on the individual.

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