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Despite knowing that she had a gift and seeking out the avenues through which to develop it, Hazel Lee struggled to find a way to follow the path that her abilities were undoubtedly leading her down. She attended class after class devoted to psychic development and looked up teacher after teacher to help her understand what her abilities were and how she could best develop them and use them. Each development circle she attended and each teacher that she met all told her different things. Each one of them told her about her spirit guides, only each and every one of them told her something different. According to the people who were apparently in the know, she had a Zulu guide, a Mandarin Guide, a Native American Indian and a monk! Whilst she knows that we all have more than the one guide it would have been fair to hope that at least more than one teacher could identify the guide whose job it was to assist her in her psychic development. Feeling very confused and very disheartened Hazel gave up.

Starting Again

Hazel was struggling to find a way forward until she met a well established medium that worked the platform at spiritualist meetings. She gave Hazel the best advice that she had ever received. The way ahead was simple. She was to spend time alone at home connecting with her spirit guide herself, to establish a connection and build a relationship with whichever guide stepped forwards. Hazel got into the routine of sitting each evening at the same time in meditation and reaching out to her guide. It did take a few months but a connection was established. Finally Hazel felt like she had made progress and her developmental journey had finally begun.

That journey is still ongoing and will continue until Hazel leaves this life.  It is this struggle, this inability to move forwards in the early stages, that has led her to become a teacher herself. She hopes that by teaching she can stop others experiencing the same frustrations that she did. She firmly believes that those born with the gift can go on and develop it when they are clearly shown how, but those that are not born with the gift will never be able to develop it no matter how hard they try.

Understanding Being Psychic

Hazel feels that when it came to her own development, she was trying to run before she could walk. She was trying to jump straight into the role of medium, without understanding just what it means to be psychic. She now understands that it is important to understand what being psychic means and what your abilities are before you can go on to use them for any real purpose. Each psychic skill whether it be psychometry or aura reading needs to be explored and understood before it is put to practical use. Only in this way can the psychic go on to become a successful and accurate medium and put their abilities towards helping the people that seek them out for help.

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