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Harry Edwards is widely regarded as a true spiritual healer and is credited with easing the pain and suffering of many people.  Edwards has been at the forefront of the campaign to bring spiritual healing into the public domain.

Born in 1893 in London, England he was the son of a printer and a dressmaker.  When his printing apprenticeship ended in 1914 he enlisted in the British Army and entered into the Royal Sussex Regiment.  Rising to the rank of Captain, during the 1st World War Edwards was sent to Iraq (then Persia) to work on restoring rail access between Mosul and Baghdad.  It was Edwards that the locals would turn to when they were either ill or injured, even with just a basic medical kit the recovery rate of his patients was exceptional.  Word or his miraculous healing abilities spread.

An Awakening

In 1936 Harry Edwards took part in an ‘Open Circle’ event at a spiritualist church, which caused him to re-think his spiritual views and lead to him becoming a medium in his own right.  The other mediums that Harry came into contact with were sure that his vocation was that of a healer, and did what they could to encourage him in this area.

After healing a patient terminally ill with tuberculosis and assisting in the recovery of a seriously ill cancer patient, so much of a recovery that he could return to work, his reputation as a healer grew and he began to attract media attention.  People would form lines outside of his house in order to receive healing from him and everyday there would be mounds of letters asking him for help.  By 1946 so great was the volume of his healing work that he had to pass his printing business over to his brother so that he could concentrate on his vocation.

A New Beginning

With the aid of his sisters Edwards bought a large house set within its own grounds, with the family residing on the first floor, the ground floor was given over to a healing sanctuary and offices.  The sanctuary grew and Harry’s attention was demanded around the country.  At the peak of his career he was receiving in excess of 10,000 mail requests for help a week.  At an event in Manchester where he demonstrated his gift there were six thousand people in attendance, but perhaps his most famous public demonstration was at London’s Royal Festival Hall.


Despite scepticism from the medical professions and the church, and a number of investigations and trials carried out they concluded that the method of healing employed by Harry Edwards was ‘Out of the Scope of investigation’, meaning that they could find no other source for the healing other than divine intervention.  Harry himself joined the spiritual realms in 1976, but his healing sanctuary continues to exist and continues to provide help to individuals from around the world.  In fact his 10 o’clock healing minute is still observed to this day by many of his followers.

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