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Grant’s story started when he was very small, growing up in an old farmhouse which had seen more than its fair share of history. The farmhouse was at one time the cook house of a large manor house and as such had been a constant hive of activity. The house was bombed during World War II and events from the past led to it having something of an ‘active’ atmosphere. Grant grew up knowing that he was surrounded by spirit energy but at the time was afraid to open himself fully to it, afraid of what he might discover. At age sixteen his parents separated which meant that the house was sold and the family went their separate ways. Grant believes that this event in his life made his grow up faster than any other. He ended up staying with friends, one of which; Maureen, was into the tarot and the psychic world. It was Maureen who introduced him to the possibilities of working with spirit.

Psychic Development

Grant started with automatic writing, and despite him having some reservations about it working he did start to receive and write down messages. He found that he was scared by the fact that it worked, but far too intrigued to stop doing it. After lots of practice he got to the point where he knew what the message was before he laid pen to paper, so the pen seemed unnecessary, he would just relay the messages as he heard them. He also started to know when spirit was close, he would feel the shift in the energy around him and know that they were with him. After learning to sense and listen to spirit his physic abilities took a new turn, he started to see spirit, with his own eyes and also in his mind’s eye. In the seventeen years that have passed since his first visual encounter with spirit, Grant has learned all that he can about the world of spirit. In those years he is proud to be able to say that he has helped a lot of people by bringing the realm of spirit and the realm of the living just that bit closer together.

About Grant Collyer

These days, Grant is regarded as being one of the best psychic mediums in Britain. With more than thirty two years’ experience of working with spirit, his connection to the spirit realm is solid. The accuracy of the information that he passes on during readings has led to him being regarded as ‘Mr Validator’, leaving his clients in do doubt that the world of spirit is very real indeed. Grant works in a variety of ways. He is clairaudient, clairsentient and clairvoyant, he can also work as a trance medium as well as a psychic medium. Grant is just as much at home reading the tarot and leading ghost investigations as he is presenting his radio show or appearing on television. He also performs on the stage to sell out audiences who flock to see his brand of mediumship performed live.

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