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If at first glance the name Gordon Smith means nothing, then his other title of ‘The Psychic Barber’ probably will as this is how Gordon is more commonly referred to in the media.

Promising Beginnings

Gordon remembers being able to see and hear spirits from an early age.  So clear were his descriptions of the spirits that he saw and so accurate their messages that this young boy quite clearly unnerved the adults that surrounded him.  He found himself shutting himself off to spirit communication in all of its forms, in order to live a normal life.  Right through his childhood up to his years as a teenager Gordon pushed everything to do with mediumship, psychic abilities and spirit communication to the back of his mind, in order to have a regular, normal teenage existence.

Gymnastics played a major role in his life up until he was 19, he was selected from the Scottish squad for the Commonwealth Games, and so life continued normally without psychic interval until he reached 24 years of age.

An Awakening

When the spirit of his brother’s friend appeared by his bed one night, after passing in a terrible fire his spiritual connection was re-awakened.  Returning once more to the spiritualist church he was informed that one day too, he would be delivering messages from the platform.  From this point Gordon worked hard at re-establishing the strong connection to spirits that he once had and began to study and further develop his skills.

Some of the legends of Scottish Spiritualism were there by his side to aid in his development, Namely Mrs Jean Primrose, an accomplished and very well respected medium with over 60 year’s experience, and Albert Best who is a major inspirational figure, though non professional medium devoted to spiritualism in Scotland.

Into the Limelight

Gordon has been described as being ‘Britain’s Most Accurate Medium’ and has taken part in many television documentaries, as well as making guest appearances on talk shows and daytime television, even presenting one of the biggest paranormal investigation shows on television today, ‘Most Haunted’.  He also has his own television series broadcast on the Biography Channel.

National and international tours keep him busy too, with his published books receiving critical acclaim.  Gordon continues to write a regular column for Scotland’s ‘Daily Record’ as well as for a couple of women’s weekly magazines.

Holding Down the Day Job

As his honorary ‘Psychic Barber’ title suggests, Gordon is indeed a barber, and works in the city of Glasgow though this is now combined with seminars, workshops and other events around the country.  All of the messages and information that Gordon passes on is detailed and accurate which is why his other title of ‘Britain’s Most Accurate Medium is also deserved, it’s a demanding title to live up to, yet Gordon always manages.

There is something about his people skills that makes the audience hang on his every word, hopeful that one of the messages that he receives during a stage show will be for them.

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