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Unlike other psychics, Gemma has an original approach to the work that she does. She sees herself as a guide to those looking to find their true self in this maddening world that we live in. She no longer calls herself a psychic medium either, as she feels that the title it too restrictive to describe what she really is; she believes that we are all too happy to attach labels to everything, labels which limit the potential of those to whom they are attached. Instead she sees herself as someone who inspires those around her, someone who empowers and motivates the people that she meets into discovering more about themselves by using her life experiences and unique experiences. She wants to remove all of the preconceived ideas about what she is and what she does and makes a point of telling people that there is no crystal ball included in her working day, she is unable to ride a broomstick and won’t state the obvious during your consultation with her. What she does offer however is a glimpse of how you can use your own unseen energy to empower your daily life and set the wheels in motion to bring about the changes that you need in order to get the life that you ultimately deserve.

Spiritual and Physical

Gemma does not only concentrate on the spiritual side of her life, she is working hard to bring her physical body up to the level of her spiritual one. She has taken to posting ‘Fitness Friday videos’ on her YouTube channel in order to motivate others to do the same. As well as hoping to inspire others, she hopes that her challenges will prompt others to come out offering support and encouragement for her in this physical challenge, making for a clear two way channel of communication and inspiration. She believes that the connections that we make, the relationships that we begin and maintain with the people around us are important in that they reflect and affect the unseen energy that surrounds us all.

About Gemma

Gemma has the gift of precognition, of being able to see events before they take place. She is also able to connect those in the physical world with the loves ones that they have lost that now reside in the spirit realm. She is an authentic psychic and a respected medium. She views herself as a communication device that enables the one world to speak with the other. As part of her work she will look into the past of a client and identify unresolved issues and emotional baggage that they are carrying with them in the present which will have a bearing on their future. This negative energy is then laid bare and worked on so that it can be released. With the negative energy released, life can once again move forwards. Throughout the process there may be input from spirit in the form of relatives and friends on the other side, as everyone works together to reach a solution.

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