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Francis Bevan is a clairvoyant and started giving his first readings when he was only ten years old. His ability and accuracy stunned his family and his friends and it was clear that this child had an unbelievable gift. Despite clearly being able to work in the mind, body and spirit field he felt the need to explore other career avenues and spent time as both a musician and a policeman, though he still provided readings for those that came to him for help and guidance.  However, it seems his original calling was too strong to ignore and in 1984 Francis became a professional clairvoyant. He is also acknowledged by the Australian Federation of Astrologers as well as being a professional member of the prestigious Australia Psychic Association. He appears to be able to tap into his psychic abilities with great ease which can be observed by anyone having a reading from him.

About Francis

Francis utilises a number of skills when providing readings, using not only clairvoyance but also psychic insight and mediumship. He is also highly proficient in the areas of astrology and numerology as well as cartomancy using not only tarot cards but also reading ordinary playing cards. Francis has an extensive client list, not only in Australia but on an international level. He is regularly consulted on all matters of interest from career and money to love and relationships and of course provides insight and answers where he can. His spiritual journey has seen him lecturing to groups of business professionals and students as well as to groups of others who also work in the metaphysical field. Francis is also a teacher passing on his skills and knowledge to a new generation of talented individuals, leading them through their psychic development, and running courses on mediumship and divination such as reading tarot cards.

In the Media

Francis Bevan is a regular contributor to a number of Australian magazines and newspapers including Good Medicine Magazine, Conscious Living Magazine and the Psychic Directory Magazine, as well as the Western Weekender Newspaper and the Newcastle Post Newspaper. He has appeared on numerous television programmes over the past twenty one years on a broad range of channels from Good Morning Australia to making regular appearances on Psychic TV. He has also hosted his own radio show during which the switchboard to the radio station was continually jammed every week with people wanting to speak with him on air.

Francis has a number of specialities aside from being able to provide highly accurate clairvoyant readings either in person or via email. He also offers readings using psychic mediumship, tarot readings using the beautiful Lover’s Tarot as well as traditional cartomancy using regular playing cards. Francis can also provide readings based upon numerology and can draw up personalised birth charts and year charts in either with either numerological references or on an astrological basis. Francis is widely regarded as being one of the most highly accurate clairvoyant readers and psychic mediums in the whole of Australia.

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