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Elizabeth Baron has been in the media for more than thirty years, from newspapers to television, making her probably one of the most recognised mediums in the world. She is also regarded as being the most widely documented of mediums as much of the work that she has done has been recorded either in transcripts, voice recordings or on film. Some of these events are available to view on her website which has only added to her popularity. Plus, she also publishes free newsletters related to the genre which reach a broad international readership. She is also the only medium that has been able to warn a US President about an impending assassination attempt to have been taken seriously, and more importantly proved to be correct.

Early Life

Born in the hills of Tennessee, Elizabeth was orphaned at the age of five when her father took his own life with the aid of a shotgun. As if that was not enough for a child to cope with, she was also having her own battle against a cancerous tumour in her mouth. She was apparently healed by the local ministers who performed a laying on of hands on the child, and this is when it is believed that she was endowed with the gift of prophesy. Her mother had also died when she was very young and across her childhood she was moved between around fifteen different foster homes. She believed that the suffering that she went through during her formative years was put in her path by God, allowing her to build the skills that she would need in later life such as empathy and compassion. She got her first job while she was still a teenager on a military base, working with prisoners of war and then later working on the schematics for the Jupiter program which saw the first US missile sent into orbit around the Earth.

Life Changing Experience

Elizabeth had a very successful career although the same could not be said for her romantic life. After two bitter divorces and a string of failed relationships she was almost beaten to death and raped. While in the hospital she had what she described as a near death experience. During her experience she believed she met with God who gave her a vision. She was to assist in caring for all of God’s children as a lifelong missionary. She did indeed see this as her life’s purpose and began both teaching and counselling people the world over. It had led her upon an incredible career path that few have ever experienced.

The readings that she provides allow her clients to lift themselves out of their depression and their addictions and become able to see themselves as one of God’s children. She enables her clients to see their own life purpose and so take responsibility for their own lives. During a reading she asks no questions of her clients, she simply connects with the divine and lets the words of love and inspiration flow through her.

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