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Edward Shanahan’s name is one that pops up every now and again in a wide number of paranormal publications. He is what he calls a ‘Psychic Feeler’ and he uses his abilities at different haunted locations and different spiritual events in and around the Chicago area, relaying what he experiences and feels to his audience. Not only has he documented his experiences himself, he has also been written about on numerous occasions. He has been the co-host of a popular radio show entitled ‘The Unexplained World’ since 2006 and co-hosts the show with ‘High Priestess Annette’.

Edward Shanahan has been providing readings to the public since 2003, either attending psychic parties or at specially organised paranormal nights at a number of different reputedly haunted locations in and around Chicago. At these events he aims to provide an experience which gives those that attend a first hand encounter with the spirit realm. He has a wide internet presence and can be found on a number of different sites linked to paranormal events and investigations.

Who is Edward Shanahan?

Mr Shanahan is not easily described. Although he refers to himself as a ‘Psychic Feeler’ there are many more terms that can be applied to the way that he works. He can also be described as a paranormal spiritual observer, a conscious channeller and a palm reader. He is able to offer readings using psychometry, he performs séances and attends a number of psychic fairs, and is also regarded as being a paranormal event co-ordinator. Edward Shanahan is also a believer in the Law of Attraction and regards himself as a spiritual communicator. In all of the terms and phrases that he uses to describe his abilities and what he does, he rarely refers to himself as a medium. He also works with pendulums and pendulum programming as well as working as a spiritual and intuitive life coach. He can also work with something called a spiritual birth aura and provide his clients with a personal graphic.

In the Media

The work of Edward Shanahan has been noted in at least five books, the most recent of which was published in 2012. He has also been featured in the ‘Chicago Sun Times’, ‘Time Out Chicago Magazine’, the ‘Chicago Tribune’s Red Eye Newspaper’ and many other national and local news publications. He has also appeared as a guest on a number of radio shows in the United States including ‘Chicago Now’ on the WGN network. He has also written and published two books under his own name and in 2012 won the title of ‘Best Chicago Psychic’.

He believes that to be able to work with people the way that he does with the gifts that he has is a great honour. He offers different types of readings including those relating to personal issues as well as the law of attraction, out of his office in Chicago. He is also affiliated with the Spiritual Church in Cicero and regularly attends services and message circles there.

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