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Edgar Cayce

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Edgar Cayce was born on the 18th March 1877 in Kentucky US.  He was a devout follower of the teachings of the bible all of his life, and yet was one of the most talented, naturally gifted psychics ever recorded.  His talents first came to light as a child aged around 6 or 7 years old, as one evening when he was trying to memorise his spellings from a school book he fell asleep, he was asleep for only a few moments yet when he woke up not only did he know all of his spellings by heart he could also have told you on what page and which line they appeared.  From this one event Edger no longer struggled with his schoolwork, using his short sleeping spells to internally memorise and understand all of his work.

A Medical Mystery

When he was in his twenties he suffered from an unknown illness that took away his voice, leaving him with only whispered tones for the better part of a year.  Doctors were at a loss to know what the illness was or how to treat it so they referred him to a hypnotist, with instructions to get Edgar to describe what was in fact wrong.  When the hypnotist put him to sleep he triggered Edgar’s psychic state and he told the hypnotist and the doctors that his vocal chords were in a state of paralysis due to a form of nerve strain, he also went on to relay the cure for his condition.  This was the first recorded ‘reading’ by Edgar Cayce.  He found that once in this sleep like state he could also answer questions that were put to him by friends, and soon word of his abilities spread.

Life Changing Events

Whilst Edgar was working as a photographer one of his readings ended up saving the life of his wife, Gertrude.  Another of his readings stopped his son from losing his sight and it was after these two major events that Edgar decided that his life should be devoted to helping others through his readings.  Over the course of forty three years, from 1904 to 1644 Edgar is known to have provided over 14,000 individual readings to people, all of which were during his sleep like state.  His readings were guided and conducted by Gertrude, whilst it was the job of his secretary Gladys Davis to record all of the information that was communicated.

Was Edgar Cayce a Healer?

A lot of the information passed on during his readings related to medical matters.  Cayce was able, either through trance mediumship or some kind of extended remote viewing ability, to look inside of the human body and reveal many things relating to the health and wellbeing of his clients.  The way that Cayce worked has been described as pioneering as he performed his readings without the usual paraphernalia of contemporary psychics and mediums.  Aside from the wealth of medical information offered, Cayce also provided insights into the future including details about the two world wars and the American depression as well as a third world war with the Middle East, which could well be what we are currently experiencing in modern times.

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