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With more than fifty books to her name, Doreen Virtue is one of the most recognisable names in the genre of mind, body and spirit. She is also known as the ‘Angel Lady’ and offers workshops and seminars on working with the different levels of the angelic realm. She holds a spiritual doctorate as well as doctorates in psychology. She comes from a long line of meta-physicians and works with elementals, as well as the angelic realm and the ascended masters.

With degrees in counselling and psychology Doreen was one of the founders of the Womankind Psychiatric Hospital located in Nashville. She has a rounded clinical history working in psychiatric care having been both an administrator of a woman’s psychiatric hospital and director of a drug and alcohol centre for young people. Despite this clinical based career she is also a natural clairvoyant, retaining the skills that she discovered at a very young age.

Ignorance is Bliss

Despite enjoying relationships with her invisible friends, and the understanding and support of her family, the outside world was not at all comfortable with her gifts. She was teased and singled out because of it. This negative attention forced her to shut down her abilities until she reached a point of maturity where she could better understand them. It wasn’t until 1995 that things changed. Having shut down her abilities she was ignoring the signs and the messages from her angels. They wanted her to become a teacher, to instruct others in working and understanding angelic energies.

She even ignored a warning from her angels who advised that on a particular day her car was going to be stolen. Despite her ignoring them, her angels were by her side when two armed men mounted a carjacking as she parked her car. Her angels told her to scream as loud as she could, and she listened. Her screams alerted people close by and the assailants fled. After this event she reconnected with her angels on a daily basis, taking a close look at her beliefs and deciding in which direction to move her life forward.

Angels in the Workplace

Although Doreen was still working in the field of psychology she started introducing energies from the angelic realm into her work. She also encourages other to allow the love from the angelic realm into their lives too. Aside from her clinical work, she hosts workshops and seminars on including the angels into your everyday lives. She also hosts a call in radio program for Hay House Radio and regularly appears as a guest on talk shows such as Oprah and Good Morning America. She also writes a number of columns for different publications including The Boston Globe and USA Today. All of these media avenues are used to encourage people to allow the angelic energies into their lives so that they may benefit from the positivity and love that they bring with them. She believes that no matter what your personal beliefs, everyone has angels by their side simply waiting to be invited in.

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