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Do You Want to Be a Professional Psychic?

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If you are psychic, you may be thinking about being a professional psychic. But being a professional psychic is not the life for everyone. Here are some things to think about before making that big leap to becoming a professional psychic.

How are you at dealing with people in a crisis? Many people will consult a psychic when they are dealing with a crisis situation. These people actually don’t need a psychic reading, and some of them should be encouraged to seek professional counseling. A psychic reading is never an emergency situation, no matter what a potential client might say. An excellent point to raise with clients in this situation is that they are so upset they just won’t listen clearly to the psychic reading and that they should wait a few days. Waiting a few days until they are clearer can be quite beneficial.

Do you want to own your own business? When you work as a professional psychic, you basically own your own business. Even if you give psychic readings in a new age store or bookstore, you need to know how to do basic bookkeeping and promote yourself to attract clients. Learning about how to run your own business will be quite useful to you.

What is your intention in becoming a professional psychic? For some the idea of being rich and famous greatly appeals to them. Others simply want to be a professional psychic because they see this as a way they can help the most people. Still others see themselves as teachers of spiritual subjects. Understanding your true intentions for being a professional psychic will help you be the very best psychic that you can be.

Do you have experience giving others’ psychic readings? This is one of the most important things you’ll need as a professional psychic. A great way to start can be to read for your friends and family – and then to read for their friends and family. Give them short readings to test your skills and ask for feedback.

Remember the phrase “shoot the messenger.” There are some people that come for psychic readings and are actually hoping that you’ll come up with some sort of magic solution for them. That somehow the man they want to love them will instantly love them. When you tell this woman that no, he doesn’t seem to have reciprocal feelings – she may be disappointed or even get hopping mad! Learning to phrase your readings in a tactful way is key so that readings are the most helpful to people.

A great career can take years to develop. A psychic career can take years to develop. It may seem like “anyone” can start because there is no official certification, no test you must pass – but pretty soon you discover that the people who stay in business are the ones who are compassionate and accurate. A great career in the psychic arts takes years to develop a following. But remember that happy clients do refer friends, family members and even people they meet on the street!

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