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Unlike many psychics that you read about, Derek came to the metaphysical much later in life. It wasn’t until he was in his thirties that he started to feel the draw of the psychic and spiritual world. Again, unlike many other mediums and psychics that work with the public today, he was not seeing spirit from an early age and he was not having to cope with abilities as a child that unnerved him or the people around him. Derek simply started being able to see things in his mind’s eye. A kind of psychic image was projected into his mind, which although could possibly have been put down to an overactive imagination, he learned to trust more and more as the images that he was seeing were regularly reported as true. The messages he received were coming in a series of images, some of places, some of people or objects and some in the form of symbology, however when he interpreted them all together they made sense. He began to teach himself by reading books and attending workshops until he reached the point where it was time to pass on what he had learned.

Sharing Knowledge

Derek spent time teaching the art of meditation at the YMCA, and went on to teach psychic development at a local community college, this brought him to the attention of the local media and he was then featured on a television program entitled Psychic Hawaii. Derek started travelling, working for a while in Tokyo before moving to New York where again he was placed in front of the television cameras for CNN’s show American Morning.  He also hosted a television series called Psychic Workshop. He published his first book in 2010 entitled ‘Can You Turn It Off? A Diary of Psychic Awakening’. The book told something of his own story and gave encouragement to others in a similar situation.

Readings With Derek

All that Derek asks that you bring to a session with him is an open mind; there is no need to present him with personal items or images of your loved ones unless you yourself feel that it is really necessary. Derek uses the Postcard Tarot, not so much a true tarot deck in the sense that you would buy one from a metaphysical supplier, but they are a collection of artistic cards and picture postcards that he has himself collected on his travels. It is a unique deck and something that is very personal to Derek. He has found that the cards he uses always manage to illustrate the client’s story in a unique way that the client’s find intriguing.

Derek has found that the majority of his clients are female with a broad variety of backgrounds and different social statuses. He makes no claims as to accuracy levels as he finds it difficult to measure. All of the information that he gives is open to interpretation by the client. If they interpret the meaning of something as being an association with one event they could be wrong, and claim an inaccurate reading, only later to make the right association and find that the information given was dead on the money.

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