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As with a lot of professional mediums Derek first became aware of his gifts as a young child when his deceased grandfather communicated a message to him.  It was on delivering this message to his grandmother that she too admitted that she possessed the gift of being able to communicate with spirits, and gratefully accepted the message he delivered to her.  With psychic abilities seemingly commonplace in the family Derek was allowed to use his gifts without fear or prejudice and so they naturally flourished without being stifled.

A Different Career Choice

Rather than continue to develop his skills and use them in the role as professional medium, Derek pursued a professional footballing career, the dream of many of the friends he grew up with in his hometown Liverpool, he followed his dream around the world to places like Australia, before coming back to England and laying the foundations for his true career as a medium and novelist.

With the release of ‘The Psychic World of Derek Acorah’ his first book gaining him national popularity, he began to make a name for himself around Liverpool as an excellent psychic medium, offering private readings and psychic performances in theatre venues around the country.  Gaining recognition and a reputation for his standard of mediumship, it wasn’t long before Derek found himself making regular television appearances and gaining even greater recognition on the national and international stage.

Professional Recognition

Granted membership into the well respected ISPR (International Society for Paranormal Research), after delivering excellent results in their psychic tests, he joined forces with other well known psychics in order to take part in several ISPR documentary programmes investigating some of the more reputedly haunted parts and buildings of the UK.  This lead to Derek being offered a long standing role as the resident psychic medium in the ghost hunting team of television’s Most Haunted, providing him with an almost cult following.  He was even given his own television show, Predicitions.

A Guiding Voice

Derek Acorah is well known in the area of paranormal investigations and has been called upon many times to take part in television specials.  He is of course subject to a certain level of ridicule and doubt from some sections of the public, but it is perhaps to his credit that he manages to carry on regardless and has a very loyal and supportive fan base.  Derek claims that some of his success as a medium is down to the relationship he has with a specific spiritual guide, this is Sam, a personality from one of Derek’s past lives that he experienced over 1500 years ago.  He believes that it is because of Sam’s assistance that he can form a deeper connection to some of the spirits that they encounter on their paranormal investigations.

With a continued stream of paranormal investigations demanding his attention and national and international tours, Derek has become one of the most well known names in mediumship around the world in both television and stage performances.

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