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Debbie’s metaphysical journey began when she was a young child. It is a journey that has no end in this life as she continues to learn and is constantly developing and evolving her psychic skills. Over the years she has gained a wealth of information from different cultures around the world, as well as from the different spirit realms that surround us, all of which enables her to be truly rounded in the readings that she gives. Debbie firmly believes that she has a strong connection to the natural energy of the earth and the natural spirits that inhabit the land such as the fae. In fact her original introduction into the world of the supernatural was with fairy. She was born at a time when the UK was experiencing something of a UFO sighting phenomenon. Living in the West Country she grew up surrounded by ghost stories and crop circles, and of course the magical and mystical energy of the ancient stone circle of Avebury which she lived close to.

Travel and Study

The sacred sites of the world held a fascination for Debbie and she started to work on connecting into these ancient energies using divination tools such as tarot cards and crystals. Her studies took her to some of the most famous ancient sites in the world, from Glastonbury through to Nepal and Egypt. Some of the research information that she produced was published in a number of psychic journals. She has also been credited by a number of respected authors such as Jack Gale, for the work she has done in revealing some of the secrets that lay behind some of the country’s most ancient settlements. She worked for a time with the ‘Fellowship of Isis’ in Ireland, an organisation with their roots in feminine spirituality. During the 1990’s she was credited with organising London’s ‘Wildwood Conferences’ which were focussed on where science meets mysticism and ecology in the Shamanic world.

Debbie’s Work

The work that Debbie does has seen her featured in a number of national magazines such as ‘Talking Stick’ and ‘Chat, It’s Fate’. Alongside her own writing work her career has expanded to include appearances at psychic fairs and she offers readings for both individuals and parties. This is something that she really enjoys. She believes that having the gift of clairvoyance is just not enough on its own, and that it should be used in order to help people find happiness, to help people with problems in their daily lives and bring enjoyment and relevance to their existence. Debbie is also a regular face on Psychic TV, another avenue of communication which allows her to connect to people. She is also a novelist, having written a fantasy novel which is set in the world of the fae. The world of ‘The Spider’s Bride’ is filled with dark and sinister beings, offering a different insight into the mysteries world of faerie, something which is more often portrayed as a world of sparkling light and magic.

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