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Colin has been given the honorary title of ‘The Peoples Medium’.  It is a title that he gratefully accepts and acknowledges, as it shows that his national and international audiences have absolute faith and belief in what he does as a professional medium.  For over thirty years Colin has worked as a registered healer tutor and Spiritualist Medium and hopes to move on to becoming a Spiritualist Minister.

Already popular on a national level, it was probably the success of his television shows: Sixth Sense with Colin Fry, Colin Fry Live and Psychic Private Eyes that brought him to a wider international audience.  Colin has since gone on to make The Happy Medium in New Zealand and in Norway, Den Andre Siden (The Other Side) with Colin Fry, firmly staking his place on the international psychic scene.

Intensive Tour Schedules

Colin is known for touring extensively, both nationally and internationally, managing to perform at up to 160 theatres every year.  It was decided in 2001 that too much emphasis had been placed on playing major cities and larger towns that it was time to take the tour into the smaller towns, so that those who had previously been unable to travel to see one of his shows, now had the opportunity to do so.

The style of the mediumship on display at one of Colin’s shows, means that it is perfectly suited to both large auditoriums and smaller, more intimate theatre settings, though it is in these smaller settings that he feels his mediumship becomes much more personal.  On the international stage Colin’s tours have included New Zealand and Australia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Japan, Spain and Ireland as well as a wealth of other countries across Europe.

Always in Demand

The majority of the teaching work that Colin undertakes takes place in Sweden, in Ramsberg Gardens although a series of seminars and workshops are planned for other areas of Europe, including the UK.  Despite the hectic tour schedule and international teaching commitments Colin still finds the time to attend and serve at many spiritual churches across the UK.

In the Media

Colin Fry has to date authored four books, all of which have been bestsellers, with his autobiography set to be released in summer 2012, entitled The Happy Medium.  He also writes a regular column in Fate & Fortune and Take a Break magazines which he claims to enjoy, he has also committed himself to a column in the recently re launched Psychic News.

Colin doesn’t always choose to work alone, and has shared the limelight with other world recognised mediums like Tony Stockwell, Derek Acorah and TJ Higgs, sharing the stage at live performances as well as on television.  Despite having read for celebrities and dignitaries alike, Colin will not divulge any information about who he has given readings to or the information that was received during the reading, leaving it up to the client themselves to divulge as much or as little information to the public as they wish.

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