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A naturally born psychic medium, Christine Rose has always followed the path that spirit opened out before her. Trusting in the guidance that she received, she made life choices based upon the messages that she received from spirit. Once she had learned to believe in her instincts and trust her intuition she started providing readings for her family members and close friends before building up the courage to give readings to a wider audience. As is the way in such cases, word of her abilities spread and soon there were strangers coming to her and asking her for help. Christine has now been providing readings for many years and her talents have lead to her making numerous television appearances and appearing on radio shows, providing readings to an eager and international audience.

Positive Energy

Christine constantly surrounds herself with a bright and positive energy which enables her to remain positive in herself and bring in the good energy of those that surround her, just as it has done for the past twenty five years that she has been working as a psychic medium. Christine does not only give readings however, she is also a teacher and runs many workshops that teach others how they can tap into their own intuition in order to lead a more fulfilling life. She believes that part of her job here on Earth is to enable others to find their way onto a pathway towards their own spiritual enlightenment.  Christine is a regular face on Psychic TV in Australia and also on a number of other Australian channels such as Gem TV, Expo channels and Foxtel’s Aurora. She also takes part in the ‘Mystic 5’ live psychics program as well as appearing on a number of Sydney radio stations as a celebrity guest.

About Christine

Christine specialises in clairvoyance and tarot reading, she can also connect to loved ones in the spirit realm. She is very passionate about the service that she provides for her clients and approaches every job that she is given with an enthusiastic and practical approach. She claims that what she does is not magic and of course there is no trickery involved. She is simply an ordinary person that has been blessed with what people describe as an extraordinary gift. All of the readings and messages that she provides are given from the heart and are as honest as they can be. She understands that the work that she does can bring great solace to those that are deeply grieved, and can answer questions that the client may feel too shy to ask. In many cases having a reading from Christine is a simple way of staying connected to your loved ones in spirit. Despite being based in Australia she has an incredibly broad client base with many international clients. As well as providing psychic readings Christine also practices the art of psychometry and remote viewing. She is also medically intuitive and can source health problems which she can treat with reiki.

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