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Like many mediums, Christian Adams was aware of being surrounded by spirit from a very young age. He grew up having the kind of friends that no one else could see, even through to his teenage years. He could always sense when spirit was close by and he always knew that it was not something that he should be fearful of. As he grew and a generation of family members passed, he would still see them in spirit, bringing him messages of love and support to pass onto other members of his family.

Aside from being able to communicate freely with spirit Christian also possessed empathic powers that allowed him to tune into the thoughts and feelings of others. Despite growing up being able to do all of these things it never occurred to him that he was in fact a psychic medium. Like many children he assumed that everyone could do what he did and it came as a surprise to discover that he was rather unique among his friends in this respect.

Finding the Right Path

A career as a medium was not something that he had ever thought about, as he had never considered his abilities to be anything out of the ordinary. He tried his hand at a number of different careers from security guard through to professional rugby player, carpenter to snowboarding instructor, and even became a teacher for a while. Despite trying to find the right job in a number of diverse sectors he never managed to comfortably settle into any role. Until that is, something happened in his life that started him on his true career path. He began a journey towards spiritual enlightenment, started a new career as a professional healer and psychic medium and has never looked back. He had finally discovered a career that offers the challenges and the rewards that he was looking for.

How He Works

A master in Karuna Reiki, Seichim Reiki and Usui Reiki, Christian also works with spirit during his healing. His spirit connection is to the spirit of a doctor named Albert. He also provides readings as a psychic medium based at Gnostic Forest, located in Woy Woy, New South Wales. Readings are provided to clients either over the telephone or over the internet via Skype. During his readings he connects with loved ones in the spirit realm in order to bring across messages from the other side and proof to his clients that there is an afterlife.

On a more physical level Christian is also able to read auras, divine answers through card readings and also receive messaged via psychometry. He is also able to draw close to your own spirit guides in order to look within your past life to help bring you the guidance that you need in the present. Christian is also keen to help others with their spiritual development and offers reiki workshops and psychic development classes.  He also assists others with their own mediumship development.

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