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Char Margolis has gained an international reputation as an authentic intuitive medium. She uses her strong connection to the world of spirit to enable her to pass on messages from the other side to clients that come back to her again and again. She believes that the world today is a dangerous place and that now, more than ever, we should be using our intuition to help us not only reach our life goals, but to also stay out of harm’s way. Char has been able to see the spirits that surround her ever since she was young. She also had the gift of being able to see what events were yet to pass. As a child she had no idea that this was anything out of the ordinary, but she readily admits that some of her abilities frightened her. As she grew she learned to control the different aspects of her abilities and to trust where her intuition guides her. She now also teaches others how to tune in and develop their own intuition.

Life’s Purpose

Char believes that her mission on Earth is to help the people that she encounters to recognise that they have abilities within them, to enable them to bring them to the fore so that they too can go on and help others. She wants to take away the sense of fear that surrounds the topic of death and dying, and reassure people that there is something greater to experience when we pass than eternal darkness. Cher believes that when a person is able to tap into their own deep intuition they are able to live much happier and much more fulfilling lives. Cher sees that the world is changing and believes that on the whole the human race is becoming more spiritual now than it has ever been. This new spiritual awareness is opening the doors into a phase in our existence, and that as such we should all become aware of the power that lies within us.

Age of Awareness

In order to help people prepare themselves for the new age of awareness as she calls it, Cher runs a number of different classes and workshops aimed at developing awareness and trusting our intuition. Classes also include instruction on how to protect yourself from the negative energies that you will encounter throughout your daily lives. She also believes that our intuition can be used to bring the things into our lives that we have been lacking, such as true love, details of which are given in her book entitled ‘Love Karma’. Her intuition classes have proven to be very popular and she has rolled out a series of classes in different cities across the United States. With all of these things happening in her life she does still find the time to give readings. Face to face readings are rare as her clients are spread around the world, but she does provide readings over the telephone and over the internet using Skype, although there is a considerably long waiting list.

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