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Catherine is known for being an interspecies psychic communicator, something for which many areas of the media have claimed that she is a charlatan and a fraud for making people believe in something that cannot possibly be proven. Yet to those who seek her help she is insightful, compassionate and helpful to them in a way that no other professional can be. What gets the media so upset is that Catherine claims that she can communicate psychically with animals; not only relate their thoughts and feelings to their owner, but also give details of the past lives that the spirit which inhabits the animals has lived through. Apart from her role as a ‘pet psychic’ she is also a reiki master. Her work in the metaphysical field followed ten years of working in education as a professor of French before becoming a radio host. It seems that wherever she has worked and whatever role she has undertaken it has revolved around the world of communication. It makes sense then that she should still be working in the field of communication all be it with non human clients.

About Catherine

It was not until the 1980’s that she really started to immerse herself in her metaphysical studies, and become interested in connecting with her companion animals. At the time Catherine had two feline companions and she worked on communicating with them on a much deeper level and became aware that it was developing into a two way communication process. She believes that her cats (Mont-Blanc and Douceur) bestowed their blessing upon this aspect of her work, and grew to regard her as an honorary member of the feline species. Her two companions are now in spirit though she does still communicate with them. Catherine is listed in the Top 10 of New York psychics, having been handpicked for the quality and reliability of her readings and of course for the high levels of customer satisfaction expressed by her clients, namely the owners of the companion animals.

In the Media

Catherine writes a regular column for the Waterfront Journal and has been doing this since 1992. She also works with a number of animal rescue organisations in the capacity of a consultant. She is listed in the New York Esoteric Guide and is also in the directory of animal communicators which is an international publication. Catherine is also a member of A.R.E (Association for Research and Enlightenment). She also publishes a regular newsletter relating to spirituality and pets. Although she is most well known for her work with animals Catherine does still work with people. She teaches a course relating to animal communication entitled ‘Pet Communication 101’ to encourage pet owners to communicate more with their animal companions. She claims to be able to connect an owner with their pet on a whole new level of deeper understanding, plus she can reconnect owners to pets that are in the spirit realm which aids with the grieving process and sense of loss experienced on both sides of the relationship.

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