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As with many people who are born with a certain level of sixth sense, Barbara Novak knew that she was different from a very early age. By the time she was five years old, she know that she could connect to people in an extraordinary way. She believes that she can connect to people through their hearts and through their souls in order to being love into their lives which can guide them towards making the right decisions and choosing the right life paths. She uses a number of different methods to perform her readings including numerology, tassomancy (the reading of tea leaves) and her intuitive skills. She also believes that her background as a trained counsellor enables her to further help her clients and enable them to change their lives for good.

About Barbara

With more than thirty eight years of experience to back her up, Barbara has become a well known name in psychic circles. She has been featured on Psychic TV on a number of occasions and is focussed very much on the health and welfare of others, both adults and children. It is her firm belief that good health and wellbeing comes from a balance of emotional, physical and spiritual energies. By having the mind, body and spirit in balance in enables a person to have clear thought patterns which can enable them to get to where they want to be in life.

She is a great believer in a holistic approach to not only health issues but also assisting people in facing the day to day challenges that exist in their lives. In order to put her beliefs into practice Barbara has been proactive in developing her own skills in order to be able to fully and holistically meet the needs of her clients. With counselling and life coaching qualifications under her belt she happily shares the things that she has learned with the people that have come to her for help.

Clear Vision

Barbara believes that when a person can see clearly, feel the love and passion that dwells in their heart and have a balanced and positive outlook, anything that is done with honest intentions is guaranteed to be successful. She believes that attaining this state within yourself will help you to move on and also help others. She believes that it is the sum total of her life experiences, the good points and the darker parts that enable her to be the person that she is today. She understands that without the trials that she has had to overcome she would not have developed the skills that she has today or the knowledge that she is on the right life path. She believes that every person that we encounter throughout our lifetimes is there to give us something; whether this is a gift or a life lesson we should learn to accept it and be grateful for it, as without learning the lessons that life has to teach us we cannot be balanced and happy in our daily lives.

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