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Born in what was once the Ottoman Empire (now the Republic of Macedonia), Baba Vanga was a premature baby who few thought would live. Yet live and thrive she did. She lost her mother at an early age and relied on the support and care of neighbours throughout her childhood. It was during her childhood that her natural gifts started to show. She loved to play with her friends and one of the games that she made up was a ‘healing game’. Her friends would pretend to be suffering from some form of illness and she would prescribe them herbs to make them better.

Her life changed dramatically during a violent storm. She was lifted by the power of the storm and deposited in a field, her eyes sealed shut by grit and dust, unable to open because of the pain that it brought. Healing was unsuccessful and as the operation was too expensive, she became blind. She lived in a house for the blind for a while where she learned how to read Braille and care for herself.

Building a Following

It was during the Second World War that her following began to build. People would seek her out hoping to hear news about relatives on the battlefield, or a location of where their bodies lay. She was living in Serbia at this point and during the April of 1942 she was paid a visit by the Bulgarian King, hoping too for insight into the state of the war. She was married and subsequently widowed, passing away herself in 1996 more than thirty years after her husband. Her funeral was attended by dignitaries and crowds of local people, and in accordance with her wishes as stated in her will, her house was transformed into a museum which opened to the public in 2008.

Why So Popular?

She had a hard life, but not an uneventful one. There was much more to Baba Vanga then delivering news from the war front, and assisting people in their daily lives. Though only semi literate she leaves behind many books, not only about her life and the things witnessed by her blinded eyes, but also of predictions. Not only for the future of the people she knew but countries, continents, humanity and the Earth itself. She believed that it was communication with invisible creatures that allowed her to see the things that she did, though she could not explain what these creatures were or where they came from. She was a receptacle for the information that they gave to her though she could not communicate to them a reply.

She explained that when people came and stood before her she could see their lives played out as though it was a film, and though she could see it, it could not be changed. She was also a healer making her own medicinal herbal compounds for those that sought her help.  She did not like to speak about the future, yet when she did it was to make prophesies known that may take hundreds of years to be proved accurate in some cases. She claimed to have known the date of her own passing a full year ahead of the event.

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