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The name of Arthur Ford may not be well recognised these days, but those who move and operate in the world of psychics and mediums will surely recognise it.  Arthur Ford was born in Florida in 1896 and over his lifetime followed a number of different religions and served many different churches before finding his true path within the spiritualist church.  He died in 1971 in Miami, Florida.

Recognising his Gift

It was during his service in the 1st World War that Ford became aware of his ability for clairaudience (the ability to hear spirit).  During the day he would hear the names of several of his comrades, only to find their names appearing on casualty lists over the next few days, an event that was repeated day in and day out.  It was in the years after the war when he began to study psychic phenomena and joined the Spiritualist movement.

It was in 1921 when he first appeared as a trance medium, during his time in trance a guide called ‘Fletcher’ would assume control of his body and relay information from spirits.  Fletcher was to stay with him, and work with him as his ‘control’ for the rest of his life.

Travelling to the UK in 1927 he gave several well received lectures on the subject of spiritualism and the paranormal, one of which was attended by Sherlock Holmes author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who claimed that what he had witnessed during the lecture was the most spectacular demonstration of psychic ability that he had witnessed in his own forty one years of spiritualism.

The Houdini Connection

In 1928 Ford’s fame spread even further when he apparently broke the ‘Houdini Code’.  This was a secret code between the great escapologist Houdini and his wife Beatrice.  Apparently the code was created so that if Houdini died before Beatrice he would try to communicate with her through a medium using this secret code that was known only to the two of them and no one else.

The code was said to have been revealed by Ford, and the message delivered during a trance state by the voice of Fletcher.  Despite there being some scepticism at the time to the authenticity of the code revealed during the trance, Beatrice Houdini confirmed that the message was as agreed with her husband before his death and that it was not a hoax.

Still Working

During the following years Ford travelled widely, giving demonstrations of his abilities both in the US and in Britain.  A television appearance he made in 1967 revived an interest in spiritualism and all things psychic and lead to him receiving over 12,000 letters in the few weeks following his appearance.  Shortly after Ford’s death in January 1971 medium Ruth Montgomery claimed that she was receiving messages from him, Ford himself offering proof of the spiritual afterlife to those who still did not believe.  Montgomery published all of his communications with him in her own book, A World Beyond.

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