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Aria Norman

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Aria Norman is a psychic who is widely respected for the accuracy of her readings, although she is not your average professional psychic. Aria works with transformation and helps her clients to change their lives through her transformative sessions. During these sessions it is claimed that she can get right to the core of any issue that is holding a client back in their lives, so that it can be brought to the surface, explored and dealt with appropriately. Her manner of working has seen her grow an extensive client list of people that are loyal to her, returning often when confronted with new life issues.

Aria has a knack for spotting behavioural patterns and can root out the cause of those patterns and help her clients to change these patterns from something negative to something positive. She is also able to offer insight into relationships as she claims she has the ability to access the true emotions and intentions of her clients, and see through any façade. She believes that she may in some way hold a key to accessing the connective energy between people which allows her to look deeply into the energy of her clients.

The Life Relationship

Although many people consider that their relationship issues are all linked to the other people in their lives, Aria is of the opinion that the main relationship issue that the majority of people need to come to terms with is the relationship that they have with life. Once this ‘working’ relationship has been worked out then all of the others should start to not only make more sense, but also be much more joyful and productive. As people we need to work out the relationship between the thoughts that we have and the actions that we take. How Aria works is to help her clients to understand how to make this relationship work so that everything else falls into place. She believes that every person that we encounter in our daily lives is there for a reason, bringing a new subtle energy shift into our lives. She believes that the psychic tools that she has in her possession allow her to teach her clients how to access the emotional freedom that they need to live more fulfilling lives.

Working with Energy

Aria has been working as an energy healer for almost twenty years. This form of healing can either be given in person in a face to face environment, or given as distance healing. All of her clients have stated that after a session of energy work with Aria they leave feeling lighter, less troubled and unburdened and generally in much better health. Aria believes that she was given her psychic gifts in order to help people find the answers to the important questions in their lives. She will tell you that although she is psychic she will not ‘tell your fortune’ instead she will work with you to discover why you haven’t achieved the future that you dreamed of yet, and help you create the road to get there.

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