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In the Media

Anne was one of the first psychics to make an appearance on Psychic TV more than seven years ago. Over the years she has participated in many shows including more than one thousand that were broadcast live. She has also worked on cruise ships and held many workshops on developing chakra awareness, tarot reading, aura reading and communication with the angels. Anne has been featured in a number of national and international newspapers and magazines and has been an invited guest onto many television programmes including Sky News. She has also been involved in radio shows and is century Radio’s psychic in residence.

Anne attends many corporate events as part of her work with spirit. She regularly performs on stage to sell out audiences across the country in her live mediumship shows, yet despite all of this she still somehow finds the time to meet clients on a one to one basis. She has an extensive client list which features some of the biggest names in sport and entertainment.

There is something comforting about being in the company of Anne Scholes that makes her visitors feel so at ease that they come back for repeat sittings again and again. She has a warm and friendly personality which can’t help but put clients at ease and the readings that she gives offer comfort where needed and enlightenment when necessary. Anne has a very close relationship with her spirit guides, which means that the link required for clear communication between their realm and ours is very strong. It is due to the strength of this link that she is able to provide clear readings filled with names and dates which make the information almost instantly verifiable. She can describe places and people that mean something to her clients, adding validity to her readings. She also has the ability to remote view which can be very helpful in seeking out people and animals that have strayed far from home. If you have always wanted a reading that validates the existence of spirit, Anne Scholes will far exceed whatever expectations you have.

About Anne

Anne is a spiritual medium which means that she does a great deal of work on behalf of our loved ones on the other side, acting as a conduit for their messages to their loved ones left behind, which offer both closure and comfort at a difficult time. She developed her methods of mediumship within the spiritualist church and has served as the medium in services held both nationally and internationally. She now encourages others to develop their own psychic and mediumship skills in the development circles which she leads.

Anne is also very passionate about angels and has a strong connection to the angelic realm. She is able to help many people make a connection with their own guardian angel and encourage them to further develop their bond with the angelic realm. Aside from the her mediumship skills she is also gifted in the use of cartomancy to divine the future offering both insight into situations and also providing accurate dates and time spans for the events yet to come.

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