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If the name Allison Dubois sounds familiar it is because it is the name of the medium in the popular US television series ‘Medium’, and far from being a fictional creation Allison Dubois in the series and the events that happen to her and her family, are all based on the real life events of the very real Allison Dubois who does indeed live with her husband Joe and their three daughters.  Allison is the first one to agree that the series does have some Hollywood magic added to it, but other than the odd tweak here and there for televisual purposes, for example Allison experiences her visions throughout the day more than just in dreams through the night, but other than that it’s not too far from the truth.

About Allison

Allison was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1972, and as with many other naturally gifted psychics her gifts were apparent at an early age, and she very firmly believes that all of her daughters have inherited her own gift.  Allison did indeed work for the District Attorney’s Office in Phoenix whilst studying for her degree in Political Science.  She participated in four years of testing at the University of Arizona to help them with their study into the world of mediums and other psychic phenomena.  If you were to ask her what she did for a living she would most likely tell you that she works as a medium and a profiler, as she likes to avoid the term psychic because of all of the negativity that the word attracts.

(left to right) Patricia Arquette, Maria Lark, Sofia Vassilieva, Miranda Carabello and Jake Weber star in MEDIUM on the CBS Television Network.
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One of the things that the television series has done is to open up the private world of the psychic to the public.  It can often be difficult when a medium receives visions and small snippets of information knowing how they should be interpreted, as with most things in the physical world an image can be interpreted in any number of ways, so it is the same with psychic visions.  It is knowing how to interpret what is seen and relating it to information that is already held that is the key to being a good medium.

Often visions and communications can seem cryptic in nature, symbology can take the place of real events and it can be extremely difficult knowing what the important piece of the symbolism is.  The television show makes this apparent as Allison is often told she is wrong with the information she deliver, but turns out to be accurate after all as the error was in the interpretation of the message.

Raising Awareness

The series also allowed Allison to explain some of her beliefs about the afterlife and the spirit realm in a visual form that could not accurately be relayed in words, offering viewers some answers to the questions that mediums always get asked about their own personal beliefs.  Of all of the television shows that have been aired about psychics not one has done so much to raise awareness of what it is like to live with the gift than the story of Allison Dubois.

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I dream, I can’t explain it. Please if you can and if you have time, just let me know. Thanks

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