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Agnieszka Pilchowa

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Possibly one of the most famous Polish clairvoyants and herbalists of all time, Agnieszka Pilchowa was born in the December of 1888, in the small village called Zarubek in what is now the Czech Republic. Although she came from a family that spoke Czech and attended a Czech speaking school she was ethnically Polish. Throughout her life her uncanny ability to both see and describe events that were going to take place well in advance of them happening was witnessed by many people. She started presenting her gift of clairvoyance at a very early age. She would enter into what could only be described as a trance like state and start describing what was happening in countries far away from her own, describing people that were unknown to her and relating what was happening. This unusual behaviour sent her friends away and left on her own she withdrew into herself and her abilities.

The War Years

She married in her late teens and because of her ethnicity as an ethnic Pole she was forced to leave her village home and relocate to the Second Polish Republic, losing all of her property and belongings in the process. She managed to return to Czechoslovakia in 1919, settling in the town of Wisla. She later travelled to Prague, where she became the subject of various scientific experiments aimed at investigating and possibly disproving her clairvoyant abilities. However the tests proved her abilities to indeed be genuine, so much so that she was invited by the then president and his daughter to stay on in the city, she refused and instead returned to her home in Wisla. She claimed that the town and indeed the home that she found there were given to her by her guardian angel. Over the years the house became a place for people to journey in search of spiritual knowledge and guidance. Following World War II her home became a popular resting house.

Fame and Notoriety

It was during the 1920’s that she became really well known across the south of Poland. She would often prescribe special diets and herbs for the clients that would seek her out, and she claimed that when she was ‘examining’ her patients she too would become inflicted with their pain. She would often experience visions while she healed, some of which she would share with the clients. After a while her fame spread across the entire country, and during the 1930’s it was at its peak. Her prophesies would be discussed on the radio and she was also referred to in many publications and even in films that were made at the time.

Her incredible abilities allowed her to see the outbreak of both world wars, but claiming that war was coming in a time of peace did not sit well with the general public. Neither did her description of the Nazi prisoner of war camps and the images of the Holocaust that was yet to come. Her life came to an abrupt end on January 4th 1945. She was arrested by SS officers and taken to the Ravensbruck Concentration Camp and Shot.

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