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Unlike other children born with a sixth sense or the gift of second sight, Sara King had no idea that she was psychic. Although the family were aware of her great grandmother having had a gift, the community where she lived and grew up in New Zealand were seemingly oblivious to such things. It appeared that anything new age or metaphysical never made it to her home town which would have caused her to bring her own abilities into question. She never experienced independence until she left home to attend university and then it was off into marriage and children. All the time her abilities were lurking in the background just waiting to be discovered and unfolded. During her marriage the family moved around a lot and she found herself identifying a home she was going to move into, right down to pin pointing it on a map without even making a call to an estate agent to make an enquiry. This got her thinking.

The Start of Her Journey

It was not until she moved to Auckland that she decided that perhaps she knew more about things than she should. She went to the School of Parapsychology for help. Once there she started taking classes in psychometry and the rest as they say is history. Whenever she received a reading from someone they would always tell her that she too would be working in the way that they were, and that she would be good at what she did to a point where everyone would know of her and recognise her name. Of course she never believed them, she didn’t believe that she had the same level of ability that they had, plus, she had to admit that even she thought psychics were a little bit on the weird side.

After moving to Australia she started to run a meditation and spiritual awareness class, during which time she started to learn how to read the tarot and began doing readings for friends. She also learned Tai Chi and became an instructor which taught her about the energy flow in and around the body plus how to control it.

Out in the Open

It wasn’t until Sara was asked to join a team of psychics who gave readings at a number of psychic fairs that she brought her talents truly out into the open. She was then thrust into giving readings at the bigger mind, body and spirit fairs which lead to her starting her own business. Now her psychic abilities keep her employed full time working with individuals, families and businesses which allows her to use her full skill set. Sara can sense the presence of those who have passed over, see their outlines and occasionally their faces and full physical form, drawing on the information and feelings that she receives from spirit to validate their presence to her clients so that they can make a connection to their loved one. She understands that her journey to where she is today has been a slow one but she is very thankful to be able to work now in the way that she does.

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