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Using Your Psychic Senses to Make Hard Decisions

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We all need to make hard decisions in life. Sometimes it seems like you are faced with one tough choice after another. Life can seem very unfair sometimes. It would be nice to have some way to know you were making the “right” decision, to know that you were making the best choice for you and your family. Well, there is: using your psychic senses can help you make hard decisions much easier.

We all have psychic senses; it is not something that only a certain “chosen few” have. So while it can be useful to get a psychic reading, you can tune into your own psychic senses to make a hard decision. A psychic reading from a professional is best used as a second opinion to your own psychic senses, after you have tuned into the issue yourself. You may discover that they agree with exactly what you see, or that they pick up on something else entirely for you to consider. Trusting that you have psychic senses and can make your own hard decisions is the very first step.

Begin your psychic reading by saying a prayer or a blessing of some type to create sacred space. This sets the intention for your psychic reading time. Setting your intention is critical for what you are doing. Always begin any psychic work with a prayer or a blessing.

Get into a quiet place and focus on your issue. Make it into a question, such as “Should I move to the country?” Listen to every sensation in your body and any impressions that come. These physical sensations that come and the impressions you receive are all your psychic senses speaking to you. So if your stomach starts to hurt, this could be a “no” signal. If you get excited feelings like butterflies, this could be a “yes” feeling. If you start to think about relatives that are happy living in the country, this could be a sign that you too would be happy living there. Become hypersensitive to everything around you after you ask your question and realize that what you focus on is helping you answer your question.

Answering hard questions can take some practice. If you are new to using your psychic senses, start by asking your psychic senses some questions that you are interested in knowing the answer but are less important right now. Think of questions like, “Where should I take my summer vacation?” These questions will help you discover exactly how your psychic senses work. The more you know about how they work, the better you can use them.

One of the best ways to use your psychic senses to make a hard decision is to ask the question and then to simply let go of the answer. Let the information come to you when it is meant to. Trust that it will come. It may not come for a day or three days. But trust that it will come.

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