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Rev. Stephen S Robinson

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The Rev. Stephen S. Robinson is employed full time as the executive director of the Holistic Studies Institute. As part of his role he also has a private practice through which he offers hypnotherapy and psychic consulting. As you can imagine he is a very busy man. For all that his offices are based in the city of New York, his work means that he has to oversee other offices within the institute. Stephen has known that he possessed psychic abilities since he was in junior high school; he experienced a number of precognitive experiences which gave credibility to his abilities. It wasn’t until after he graduated that he was introduced, through a friend to the spiritualist church. There was something about the way that the minister led the service, standing on the rostrum in his role as a psychic medium passing on messages from the spirit world, that gave him the feeling that this was something that one day, he would find himself doing. He was lucky that his friends and family supported his decision to develop his psychic abilities so that he could follow his life’s path.

What a Session with Stephen Entails

Stephen offers one hour sessions with his clients, either face to face in his offices or over the telephone. During these sessions he will cover a number of different areas including offering guidance on how the client can fulfil their desires and reach their true potential. He will also spend some time passing on messages from loved ones in spirit. Where necessary there may be predictions as to future events and signs and events that the client needs to watch out for. There may also be warnings about any negative influences that are coming into play as well as predictions about career prospects and working relationships, and romance and emotional relationships. Marriage and children are also brought into the equation as are any health issues. Where relevant, information from past lives will be brought into the present to shed light on your current situation. An aura reading will also be included.

About the Holistic Studies Institute

The Holistic Studies Institute was founded in 1977 and its mission is to provide a holistic learning centre where people can feel free to both express and develop their psychic abilities and mediumship skills. It has become a valuable resource for those seeking to learn more about their own abilities as it offers a number of different development course as well as workshops, open séances and psychic fairs.  It also provides a number of private readings.

Since the institute opened its doors, it has provided its education resources to more than ten thousand students. The students that attend are offered a number of accredited courses and have the opportunity to get involved in imaginative, creative and enjoyable learning experiences, all of which adds a level of quality and depth to the development that they experience. Stephen believes that just about anybody can develop a certain level of psychic skill if they want to, but those that are born with the gift have a whole world of opportunity opened before them.

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