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There is a belief that psychic ability runs in families. It may miss a generation now and again but the link is there through the generations. Jill Dahne sees herself as living proof of this genetic link as her mother is a well respected psychic in her own right. Her name is Mick Dahne and she is widely respected and has even worked on cases for Court TV. While mirroring the abilities of her mother in many ways, Jill has gone on to prove herself in the eye of the world wide psychic community as being a world class medium in her own right. Her accuracy has helped her to make a name for herself right across the globe, with people from all parts of the world turning to her for help. She is widely regarded as being the foremost ‘Love Psychic’ and she even hosts her own radio show in the US.

A Gifted Child

As a young child, Jill was frequently sent home from school for being ‘cheeky and disrespectful’ to her teachers. She would often tell them what they were about to write before they had put pen to paper or chalk to blackboard. When she was just thirteen years old she accurately predicted a terrorist attack, live on the radio a whole month before the attack took place. Unlike many psychic and mediums her gift did not disappear during her teenage years but stayed with her and grew stronger.

According to Ripley’s Believe it or Not Jill Dahne was regarded as the most amazing teenage psychic in the USA. She has famously predicted more the 750 marriages, and during a television interview in 1992 accurately predicted that President Bill Clinton would be caught up in a sex scandal. Not only this, but she also predicted his election followed by his re-election. She now also works as a medical intuitive helping people with their health problems. Jill is now regarded as being a psychic to the stars and she has worked with many high profile celebrities including members of the Presley family.

In the Media

Women’s interest magazine ‘Woman’s Own’ has placed her in their list of top five psychics in the world and she has also been named in a similar list published by ‘American Woman’s Magazine’. Jill has also featured in the Miami Herald newspaper as well as the Baltimore News and the respected publication National Enquirer. She has also featured in pieces in The Globe as well as the Star and a whole host of other national and international publications.

Jill has appeared on a number of television programs including ‘Beyond Chance’ and ‘Miami Tonight’. She has also appeared on daytime TV shows such as ‘Christina’ and ‘Geraldo’ where she put her skills to work helping the families of children where were missing. Jill has also appeared on both local and national radio programmes including one where she accurately predicted the results of the 1997 World Series a full two months before the event took place.

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