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Though Danielle Egnew is now a long time Los Angeles resident she was born in Billings, Montana. This is one very talented lady, and not only in the field of psychic ability as she has many strings to her bow. Danielle is also an actor, a director and an award winning music artist. It appears that whatever she turns her hand to becomes a success. With regards to her psychic abilities she has a broad set of skills and can call on several different talents to assist her in all aspects of her psychic work. Clairsentience, clairaudience and clairvoyance are just a part of her skill set, she also possesses empathic abilities, psychometry skills, channelling, remote viewing, and mediumship abilities which allow her to communicate with spirit and also the angelic realm.

Ask an Expert

Danielle is widely regarded as being an expert on all things paranormal. She has a vast knowledge of different spiritual practices, and otherworldly phenomenon that she can draw upon. She has used her abilities to work with detectives on many cold cases as well as in the location of missing children and adults across the United States. Danielle is regularly consulted by production companies who want to put together paranormal programming and consults on a number of existing shows such as ‘Supernatural’ and ‘America’s Psychic Challenge’. She is an active cast member on ‘Missing Peace’ where she works as part of a paranormal crime solving team working in partnership with the police dealing with unsolved cases. She also is also known for hosting paranormal radio shows and is the psychic in residence on ‘The Sheena Metal Experience’ which goes out every weekday in LA.

The Written Word

Not surprisingly Danielle is also an author. Her book entitled ‘True Tales of the Truly Weird: Real Paranormal Accounts from a Real Psychic’ basically tells you everything you need to know about what it is like being in her unusual line of work. You will find the pages filled with ghosts and demons, and banshees to UFO’s. Danielle brings to life the world around us that is invisible to the majority of the population. The book is filled with first hand experiences that will make your spine tingle. Danielle also airs her experiences and her thought online using the ‘Call to Light Press’. This site is aimed at delivering spiritual information to the masses in the hope of educating more people to lead a more spiritual life.

Other Avenues

As if she didn’t have enough going on in her already hectic life, Danielle is also one of the founders of the ‘Western Pacific Paranormal Alliance’, another paranormal investigation group who takes their investigations across two states. She also contributes to other teams not only those in the paranormal field, but those that deal in UFO sightings and investigations too. She can also be found at a number of conventions that take place across the year, speaking and teaching to her audiences, and she regularly runs seminars on different aspects of spirituality and paranormal phenomenon.

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