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Betsy Cohen bills herself as a psychic medium and also an inspirational speaker. She says that what she offers to her clients is a sacred space which allows them the room they need to get to where they want to be in their lives. She believes that her purpose is to create the feeling of abundance, of wellness and overall happiness by providing her clients with the tools that they need to be able to achieve this, thus aiding their general well being and assisting in their spiritual development. In a reading with Betsy you can expect to have the past the present and the future brought to light.  She will also pass on messages from loved ones on the other side, angels and spirit guides. She believes that the approach she brings to her work is unique as she is able to draw upon an extensive history in the field of social work and counselling and use those skills to enhance her relationships with clients and spirit.

About Betsy

Betsy Cohen comes from a very Catholic, but also very liberal, family which she agrees is something of an odd combination. She recalls that her childhood was filled with illness, and does not recall having the gift as a child. If she was experiencing psychic phenomena as a child it was all very ‘under the radar’ and taken in her stride. She went to college and majored in psychology, seeing it as something that she could use to help people. What followed was a ten year career in social work and counselling. It was during these years that she started to work on developing her psychic skills. She remembers being visited by the spirits of murder victims whilst she was in counselling sessions with their grieving families. She believes that this was her true psychic awakening, although along with the awakening came another illness; syringomyelia which is a brain condition.

Her Career

Betsy stated attending her local spiritualist church in New York City and is now an ordained reverend in the same church. Mediumship became her full time career and she now holds séances every week, speaks at events and hosts her own radio show called ‘The Power of Intuition’. Despite all of the activities that she is involved in she tries to make sure that the bulk of her work is done with individuals assisting them to become the best person that they can possibly be.

In many ways the job that she does now is similar to the social work and counselling that she did in the past. She believes that there are many therapists and counsellors out there that could enhance the way they work by tuning into their own intuition and psychic selves. Betsy regularly receives auditory information from spirit as well as images projected into her mind. She encourages everyone in her séances to share any such images of psychic impressions that they receive with the group, and believes that she is able to pass on her skills and knowledge to others with honesty and integrity.

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