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Alison Wynne-Ryder

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Alison is a reiki master with twelve years’ experience as well as being an internationally renowned clairvoyant medium. She is often referred to as ‘The Quirky Medium’ with this also being the title of her first book, based upon the quirky sense of humour of her spirit guide which often comes to the fore in her work as a medium. Unlike other mediums and ‘angel ladies’ she combines her knowledge with the ancient art of Feng Shui, teaching people how to encourage the loving energies of the angelic realm into their homes as well as using angel therapy and wisdom to treat other areas of their lives. She also works as a spiritual life coach helping people to bring their lives back into balance. She is a co-host on the television show Rescue Mediums in which she works with her spirit guide Rosy to help trapped spirits cross into the light.

Her Work

Alison has not become too famous to stop her from providing the one to one readings that she gives over Skype. She sees herself as a channel between the spiritual plane and our own, and uses her unique connection to pass on the messages that she is given. Over the years she has developed a wide circle of regular clients that keep coming back for more, clients that have also brought their friends and family member to Alison for readings of their own. She believes that her gift is there so that she can use it to help others whether they are seeking spiritual guidance or comfort after the passing of a loved one. As a reiki master she runs regular reiki attunements and teaches others to master this ancient healing art.

Alison is an ‘angel lady’ and does a lot of work with angelic energies including angelic healing in which she works with the energies of the archangels to restore health and wellbeing. She also runs a number of angel workshops where clients can learn how to bring the love of the angels into their own lives. She also works as a spiritual life coach and writes a regular feature in Prediction Magazine. In this role she covers topics such as cosmic ordering, and psychometry, helping people to engage with their spiritual sides and open up their own channel to the spirit realm.

In the Media

Alison is a co-host on the Canadian show Rescue Mediums, which has a huge following in Canada and the US. She has also both hosted and been interviewed on several radio shows around the world, talking about the work that she does and the way that people are helped by her gift. She has appeared in a wide number of publications including the Magical Times Magazine as well as publications like Woman’s Own, Take 5, the Daily Mail and of course Prediction Magazine. Her first book ‘The Quirky Medium’ was nominated for The People’s Book Prize. She also has a number of new publications up her sleeve for the future.

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